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Dear friends,

Cardiac Coherence only requires 3-5 minutes, three times a day and has great health benefits! Cardiac coherence is a simple, free tool, without contraindications and within everyone's reach. It is your physical and mental health passport to lasting well-being.


It must, like toothbrushing, be part of an overall healthy lifestyle and a certain routine because its effectiveness depends on its regularity. Cardiac coherence allows you to learn to control your breathing in order to regulate your stress and anxiety. This simple technique would also reduce depression and blood pressure.

EBOOK - Heart Coherence

    • PDF format for printing 
    • 27 pages
    • Create your own ikigai 
    • Motivational frames 
    • How to organize 
    • Eisenhower Matrix
    • Visual organize your week 
    • Visual organize your tasks 
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